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Bryan and Jodi Beardsley, Owners

Our roots are anchored with an early appreciation for all things agriculture.

Raised in the vast prairie lands of Montana, my growing up centered around my families’ farm implement business and my grandpa and uncle’s wheat farm. My grandma and mom were both avid vegetable and flower gardeners and I tagged along with them in the garden, to nurseries and to garden club meetings. This early influence turned into passion for digging in the dirt and translated into career guidance suggesting I become a farmer. Little did I know, this bit of wisdom would come to fruition some 30 years later. With a dream and support of my husband, kids and sweet friends, I decided to set fear aside and embark on a new journey to turn hobby gardening into flower farming.

Flowers remind us of special people. They connect us through their beauty during the happy, healing, and sad moments of life. Flowers are a language that speak to my soul. I would love the opportunity to connect with you.


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