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Dahlias! Dahlias!

There are over 56,000 different cultivators recognized by the American Dahlia Society forming 6 different recognized sizes, 20 categories of forms, and 17 unique color classifications.  These numbers continue to change as the ever-increasing number of new dahlias are grown.  Dahlias may be grown by seed or by tuber.  Dahlias grown by seed will produce a brand-new dahlia variety never created or seen before.  It is with this intention that enthusiastic and persistent dahlia hybridizer dream of creating a new gem.  The vast majority of seedlings produce by hybridizers will not hold attributes that they wish to grow.  Many will be tossed after a season; but breeders always hold hope that one will make it into a third season and may just find its way into the hands of fellow dahlia lovers.  With so many shapes, colors, and sizes there is an endless possibility for one dahlia to grab your eye and capture your heart.

Dahlias have captured my heart.   They are the largest crop we grow and a critical late-summer staple that allows us to extend the flower season until frost.  When the other flowers become tired by the warmth of late summer, the dahlias are just hitting their stride.

Our tuber offerings come directly from dahlias being grown in our field.  They are sold as a single tuber.  Each tuber has passed through my hands at all stages of the growing process from propagating, planting, harvesting, digging, clump dividing, and storing process.

Thank you for your interest and support for the dahlias we grow!

What to Expect & Questions:

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All Idaho residents will be charged a 6% sales tax.

Shipping is available for the United States only.  Shipping starts in mid-April.   Once an order is placed it cannot be canceled, added to or subtracted from.   At this time, I am unable to combine the shipping due to limited staffing. Planting tips and instructions will be included in your package.

Just like their flowers, dahlia varieties produce different size and shapes of tubers; anticipate that there may be a variety of shapes and sizes in the tubers you receive. Tubers will be sent out with at least one visible eye showing and true to variety.   Please contact me via email within 5 days of receipt if you experience any issues. 

We here at the farm take dahlia virus very seriously.  During harvest pruning shears are sanitized between cuttings.  Tools are sanitized at fall cut down between each plant.  Each sniper is sanitized between tuber divisions.  We subscribe to an aggressive culling practice of pulling any dahlias that look diseased and practice the strategy of when in doubt throw it out.  Along with this, we practice a multi-faceted approach to pest management.  As in the real world, preventing virus has shown impossible; but we are diligent in our efforts to not transmit them.

Please feel free to reach out via email.  We are happy to answer your questions.

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